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Welcome to the Tour.

I'm still finishing up this page and just a couple of others, most of the site is ready for your perusal tho'. New blog posts & fun stuff coming up.

Check out the Venues page – it does cool things. 😉

Or here's a bit of tech coolness that just kind of happened.

Thank you for stopping by! -Kurt (Feb 6th)

Welcome in!

have some tea and take a look around

Around the Tour
Around the Tour
  • Up Front

  • The Formation

  • Black and White

  • In Rainbows

  • The Magic

  • Synchronicity


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credit: Diana Ross, Up Front Tour (1983)

The layout.

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credit: Beyonce, The Formation World Tour (2016)

The business.

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credit: Ricky Martin, Black and White Tour (2007)

The fun.

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credit: Radiohead, In Rainbows Tour (2008-2009)

Cool Tech

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credit: Queen, The Magic Tour (1986)

Feedback & Support

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credit: The Police, Synchronicity Tour (1983-1984)

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