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The Rider. Essentials for anyone building an affiliate list with internet marketing. You may already have tools that work great for you. Rock on, you're rolling.

This kit works for me. I suggest the same. Most are free.

Here to help. Chef.

  • A – Using free services I suggest? Good call.
  • B – Use paid services I recommend? Great call.
  • C – At select sites, B as my referral = on the Crew.
Around the Tour
Around the Tour
  • Kit List

  • Links & Adverts

  • Email Marketing

  • Landers, Splashes

Quick Overview. Samples.

Most affiliates will tell you which affiliate tools to use, then (maybe) how to actually apply them. I hope this is more useful.

What I do, click tabs for what I use.

  • Managing Links: posting ads, tracking, and rotating
  • Email Marketing: managing this List and others
  • Landing Pages: making splashes, squeezes, etc
  • Making Banners: coming soon
  • Viral Campaigns: coming soon

Browse around, learn more, begin.

Link Management. Rhythm.

Neither you nor I want to spend hours chasing down and editing affiliate referral links as advertising campaigns change. Trackers & “rotators” provide near single-point control for all of my links.

Here's how I roll.

Beginners: use #1 or #2 for simple.

Hits Connect

#1 of 3

Traffic exchanges & mailers: 95% of my links, adverts, etc use HitsConnect. Built for TEs and Mailers (via LFM). Also great for me: the Banner and Series rotators. Overall simple, powerful, easy-to-use.

Free account is fine. Mine is pro, btw.

468×60 banners in my ads and Shows rotate with HitsConnect.


#2 of 3

For the most (read: very) accurate “action tracking” I use LeadsLeap. This unique traffic, marketing, and email marketing service is levels above the competition insofar as free accounts. Pro accounts rock – mine is. Although I don't use LeadsLeap for all of my tracking, the “action tracker” is a very powerful tool when split-testing landing pages & other ads.

Dig This: SendSteed by LeadsLeap powers the Monetized List itself.

That's huge.

Pretty Links for WP

#3 of 3

My “backstage” index of affiliate links. Pretty blog links. Tracking onsite at MonetizedList for clicks & stats. Serious global control for everything. That's all powered by the awesome PrettyLinks plugin for WordPress.

No blog? No need for this.

If you have a WP blog, install and try the free plugin from the WP plugin directory. If you decide to buy the Pro version, please use my link below. This super-flexible, yet easy-to-use plugin can save time & do “wonders” for your site management, both out front and backstage.

Learn more about both Free and Pro versions of PrettyLinks for WP.

Free Bitcoin

Email Marketing. Call & response.

I use two email marketing services. You only need one. That's good news. Even more glorious is the fact that my absolute first recommendation for email marketing is free.

Don't let good get in the way of better.


#1 of 2

Powering the actual Monetized List: LeadsLeap, LeadsLeap, LeadsLeap. More accurately, the super-approachable SendSteed email marketing service they provide. Free. Zero. No obtuse company branding, no shared emails. Tons of tracking and list engagement insights, too.

Real email marketing for free, for real.

Use either my LeadsLeap or SendSteed link to join. Same final destination.


#2 of 2

For “Shows” (promotions) email lists and referral promotion integrations. That function is served here by GetResponse. The broader software market embraces GetResponse warmly, thus many leading promotional software providers ensure integrations are seamless. Great for intermediate affiliates and pros.

GetResponse provides extensive training, on-boarding, & support (and a free trial).

N.B. The actual competition/promotional software is not GetResponse. That's a different kit.

Unique Landing Pages. Karaoke.

Too many affiliates use generic splashpages and promotions, perhaps improved by adding a Gravatar profile pic or similar. Great for a start, but if you're building for the long-term, unique is better.

Be the star of your own show. You can do it for free.


#1 of 3

In addition to tracking and email, I also use LeadsLeap to create unique landing pages, both with and without email forms. This is available to free members (awesome). I can't impress enough upon beginners the importance of a unique, personal, creative brand from the outset. The primary Monetized List landing page is made with LeadsLeap.

Create your custom campaigns with LeadsLeap for free.

#2 of 3

Super-cool TE splashpages promoting your favorite exchange(s). Ok, admittedly, I make almost all of my own pages here onsite. However, if you want a very dynamic, creative, and easy-to-use page creator for your TE campaigns, I will definitely serve up HungryforHits. Owner Klara Schmidtz provides an extensive array of marketing tools for any affiliate. Free.

Join the Food Fight at HungryforHits with your own unique creation.

#3 of 3 | Creating uniquely branded campaigns with my blog splashpages. That's another matter altogether, I'm afraid. Custom WP page templates, cool plugins, touches of creativity even. For intermediate and above, perhaps.

Check out the Software page for more about this site.

Additional tabs & insights will be added periodically.