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The Guide for you here at my new site & blog (welcome!). OK, it's sort of a plan. My plan. Far from being the (elusive) perfect marketing plan, it's more like my plan for the ideas, concepts, and techniques I aim to share with you. Knowledge, how-to, experiences. Expert. 😉

Getting ideas out of my head to useful in print is often (for me) a hard day's night. Hope the walk-through helps cut through the marketing haze. Real blogger.

Around the Tour
Around the Tour
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Going for Gold. Platinum, even.

Aiming higher myself, I'll take a chance & humbly say I aspire to inspire you to break out of the crowd in affiliate marketing. Be your own star. Be the show. Stand in the spotlight. Sell out the hall. I could do this for days.

I'm going to try new things with my brand and business often.

I look forward to seeing you take chances, too.

That includes getting in touch anytime for help or motivation. Static-free.

Standing out. The sound.

My niche is a realm of affiliate traffic exchanges and safelists/mailers. A world of independent, ambitious affiliate marketers. Your world may be different. I'll share my mindset & methods when it comes to being consistently “top of mind” in the crowd – then right at hand for my audience.

Epic solos and noise are (m)aisles apart.

Let's both be proud to get noticed.

Playing the parts. Instruments.

Not every member of a band can sing, or drum, or do whatever it is one does with that triangle thing (no disrespect intended, trianglers, I can't play one). Don't let an absence of triangling skills limit your affiliate branding ambition.

Affiliate links, tracking, lists and such can seem impossible to master all at once. Sharing what I know (and learn) about working with various marketing tools is the idea. Sometimes I'll write, often I'll just do. Let's talk about it.

The best part is learning new tunes everyday.

We'll rock out together. Here to help.

Triangling, indeed. 😉

Giving my audience that they want. Great songs.

I'm not here to lip-sync anyone else's marketing message, promise, or plan. Here to sing my own, first and foremost. Truth. Shameless ambition. 😉

I write about and recommend to my audience numerous offers, services, and products that add value to my affiliate list & business, some which cost real money. Every dollar spent needs to be worth it. Yours or mine. No doubt.

Adding value for subscribers by recommending things that require repeated use (purchase) and income – recurring commissions – is a top goal of every affiliate. We'll dig deep into how I'm doing that successfully with my subscribers, but only if you're in. Ideas & offers for you and your subscribers, too.

Great songs have substance. Meaning.

Epic hits are epic because people love the song.

Spreading the word. Free mix tapes.

My best work isn't hiding behind an up-sell fence. If I learn advertising secrets (play along), expect me to share the secrets. The useful insights, most targeted tips, my best riffs that work. No teasers simply designed to sell a weak training course. What I got is right here. I'm hustling everyday to grow & connect with every audience that I can. Crowd to audience. Audience to subscribers. Subscribers to fans. Fans to friends.

Creative content. Relentless advertising. Shameless branding.

Promoting the show – my show – everyday.

Watch the performance here, start your own show, let's tour.

Building my Fan Base. Concert t-shirts.

I want you to want me to provide ever-awesomer (yes, I did) incentives for sharing my content, list, events, and promotions. To be highly motivated to participate & share. Think in the band, or perhaps part of the Crew. Classic methods of reaching and exciting the audience – like writing awesomeness in black and white – check. It's so today, though, let's do more.

I'm always aiming to play a bigger crowd.

I enjoy meeting & listening to my audience.

I'll offer you incentives to share me.

I'm also playing to the DJs out there.

List/site owners – I hear you playing to your crowd(s) in our “traffic” niche.

I hope you'll play my tape.

Curtain. Lights. Leverage.

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