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Affiliate Disclosure

In addition to being generally awesome all around, I blog about other websites that have affiliate programs that fuel a regular income.  As a reader, you have the opportunity to signup to most using my referral links (read: if you spend money, I usually make money – if you make money, I'm often making money too).  Thus, I'm pretty motivated to provide you great content, the opportunity to comment, plus direct & free support (via the Contact page) should you have questions along the way.  If you're in my downline(s), I'm here to help!

Have fun – and be sure to read the extended version below!

Affiliate Earnings Disclosure for MonetizedList.com

So, we'll skip the small print – but we do need to cover some legal stuff regarding you (the user/visitor), me/I/we (Kurt Hilliard & contributors), we (also the 3rd-party teams (hosting, et al.) behind MonetizedList.com), and all those other websites and people out there…

  • This website is an informative reference only.  It's also designed to make money.
  • I often write about websites that provide income to me as an affiliate.
  • For any program/product/service, your use thereof is your responsibility.
  • I do not own any of the products, programs, or service providers listed herein.
  • Banners and links on this site usually include my affiliate referral link.

To be clear...

For the beginners, my/our role as an “affiliate” for particular products and services generally means I receive monetary benefit (commissions) when you take advantage of (and purchase) such products and services.

Most registration links and the like included herein are monetized. We may use monetizedlink.com or other tracking URLs (that's what you click), however your destination is often a referral link, meant to track signups, commissions, and other awesome things.  When applicable, you'll usually see either dormdough or Kurt Hilliard as your referring member.

Occasionally we display advertising from outside advertising networks.  Although we do not screen every ad shown in such cases, we do make every effort to rely on quality networks with appropriate filters.  For instances of individuals purchasing specific advertising placements herein, note that we are not directly endorsing the product in many cases.

If you have any questions regarding affiliate links and/or advertising, feel free to use the Contact page.

Basically, I am not a legal or financial expert on anything – except perhaps on the experience of building this monetized blog & list.  My results generally depend on my recommendation of quality, useful resources for my audience, thus I make every effort to feature worthwhile products and services I actually use.  Your results using tips, ideas, services, products or programs recommended on this website will vary.

They are your efforts after all!

Thanks for stopping by!