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Kurt Hilliard

I'm just a dude with a blog.

End of the Beginning

Greatest Generation

I have a respect for the "Greatest Generation" that continues to grow everyday. I'm a big history buff, and recently have been watching "The Pacific" on a popular TV network. I'm reminded by the youthful faces in the drama of just how much...

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Moving Day

Moving House. Alpaca my bags.

Thanks again to everyone following along with my new blog, the List, and this project overall. Today is moving day. A number of the (dreadfully) generic pages laying out tools, traffic, and more will be replaced. Time to get this show started, right? You'll see new pages and menu items …

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Corner, Chef

Blog Screenshot

Expectation and the unexpected collide often in affiliate marketing. It's part of the game. Promotions with promises made, and then those "gotcha" moments that every affiliate eventually learns are going to happen. You're looking at A, heading towards C, knowing that the affiliate "B" is going to be a big...

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