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About this Project

My goal in creating MonetizedList (self-evident?) is to earn – and help you to earn – an ever-growing online income from reputable & reliable revenue streams, while also relentlessly raising recognition for my own personal brand. You'll find a focus on the Traffic Exchange (TE) and mailer/safelist niche, paired with frequent asides about this WordPress build and the tech that powers the List. Being top-of-mind and right-at-hand when affiliate marketers in my niche think free traffic & upping their own list-building game is Job #1 right now. I think you will also find I'm super-keen for us to have fun along the way to what's next – after we gain some momentum. 😉

Yep. This is happening.

(steps off the cliff and into the unknown)

MonetizedList.com (“the List”) is a live, in-motion demonstration/discussion of successful listbuilding techniques and monetization methods tailored to the Traffic Exchange market. Our market. In addition to soon being your favorite TE blog, it may also become your most rewarding. A uniquely inspired “unmarketer” marketing website I've long dreamed of publishing, the List is without a doubt the most exciting & ambitious project that I have undertaken in my years of doing this IM thing. Be excited too.

The longest mission statement, ever.

As my personal and professional projection of self, I believe MonetizedList will be successful only if I am providing to you a relevant, personal-yet-professional, value-driven newsletter delivered securely; creating targeted content which you genuinely are stoked to receive; ensuring the message I project is positive in tone and something you can enthusiastically seek to share & promote with pride; committing to consistently publishing current content and maintaining open archives; providing Partners and Sponsors truly unique & dynamic avenues to reach my ever-growing list of motivated, action-taking affiliates; finally, most importantly, ensuring I always demonstrate & insist upon respect for everyone in our global community.

I am grateful for your support.

I'm truly excited to have you here.

Thank you for being on the List.

Kurt Hilliard

Kurt Hilliard

aka dormdough

MonetizedList was first released in 2021

credits coming soon