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End of the Beginning

I have a respect for the “Greatest Generation” that continues to grow everyday. I'm a big history buff, and recently have been watching “The Pacific” on a popular TV network. I'm reminded by the youthful faces in the drama of just how much I have to be thankful for. Home, health, safety, family, food, more. Grateful, indeed.

To all in uniform; selflessly saving lives; raising the next great generation…

Thank you.

Borrowing from Winston Churchill, this is the “end of the beginning” here at Monetized List. Very soon you'll see soon-to-be obsolete post categories like “list building” retired. No worries, older posts will live on – and the exiting “categories” will become “tags” moving ahead. All previous and future posts will always be available via the Back Door to the Blog. Stay with me.

Lots of updates and tweaks around the site. I got a bit carried away.

Please browse around, we'll talk real soon.

Think orange.

Get on the List.

You're rad. -K

Starting today…join the HungryforHits Feb. referral contest. Food fight.

Thanks for your support 😉

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