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Moving Day

Thanks again to everyone following along with my new blog, the List, and this project overall. Today is moving day. A number of the (dreadfully) generic pages laying out tools, traffic, and more will be replaced. Time to get this show started, right?

  • You'll see new pages and menu items coming online today.
  • Some pages like Tools and Traffic are leaving the building.
  • Your bookmarks & saved links will be redirected as needed (sweet).
  • Those actual pages will live on for a bit (then only in my mind).

Jan 27th, Midday Edit: Check out the top (page) menu. Fresh. 😉

Btw, you might see a theme developing (or is that motif?).

Think orange.

Get on the List.

This is one moving day I'll enjoy. -K

Also happening in February…the HungryforHits referral contest. Tasty.

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