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Corner, Chef

Expectation and the unexpected collide often in affiliate marketing. It's part of the game. Promotions with promises made, and then those “gotcha” moments that every affiliate eventually learns are going to happen. You're looking at A, heading towards C, knowing that the affiliate “B” is going to be a big, irresistible offer in-between.

There is no “gotcha” here at Monetized List. No collision coming.

As you'll soon discover, much of my writing online tends to blend with my background. A background of service. No, nothing nearly as noble as anyone raising a child, providing healthcare, or wearing a uniform (to name but a few). Rather, a lifetime of hospitality service. Catering, bartending, little hats, big hats, a lifetime of uniquely challenging and rewarding experiences. Expectations from all parties involved, every time, plus you could usually count on the unexpected happening. Collisions happened, of all sorts. That's professional hospitality in a nutshell.


N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

If you've never fed an appetite for pay and cleaned up after, most hospitality spaces resound with the word “Corner” throughout the day. Hospitality is hectic. A simple, two-syllable word provides fair warning to whomever is around the corner to take precaution. It also means that if you're saying it, you're doing your part to avoid a collision, too.

Adding the “Chef” each time was ingrained into me while working a gig in Charleston, South Carolina. Very cool city, amazing downtown market that included a particularly white-cloth joint (can I call it that?) that gave me a shot in the kitchen. At the time, Charleston was home to a leading culinary school – a crowd of aspiring professionals within which I certainly did not seem to fit. So I learned some things, we'll say. Tradition for this crew included “Chef” with every corner call, just in case it was the Chef coming around.

Fair warning, every time, with recognition and respect, even if the audience was unknown, knowing that it might be the person at the top.

The Food Game

Contest Clue #5

Corner, Chef. This blog, List, and overall project are pretty unique, imho. I hope you'll allow me that, if not today then later this week as we morph into the “real” website I can't wait to show everyone. Speaking of “everyone” out there, I don't know yet exactly who is listening, watching, reading. I hope pros and beginners alike. Frankly, it's kind of quiet in the kitchen right now, except for me furiously working through my prep list for dinner. However, I know my target audience is in the building, in the traffic market where I hang out.

TE owners, mailer owners, list-building surfers & affiliates.

That crowd. My kind of crowd.

Despite my dislike for most surprise moments in marketing, I will say here that change is coming around the corner, Chef. Part of the change relates to the unfiltered, unfettered ability to subscribe to the Monetized List at anytime. This will change soon. Especially if you are the owner of an advertising exchange for affiliates, you should subscribe straightaway and be in the game when things get rolling around here.

A lot changes the next 7 days, I'll break it into bites the best I can.

If you own a Traffic Exchange or Mailer, I think you'll want in.

Think orange.

Get on the List.

Make it a great day. -K

Fair warning…there will be a 1-month referral contest at HungryforHits beginning next week, real money prizes included. Delicious.

Don't say I didn't warn you, Chef. 😉

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