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The Perils of Promise

Broken promises are an emotional roller coaster for all parties involved. Anticipation. Trust. Pain. Regret. Reconciliation. Anyone who's ever had to let down a friend, family member or other loved one knows this. Along this road of Life, of course, we will all become subject to circumstance and find ourselves breaking a promised commitment at some point in our lives.

Choosing to break a promise is another matter, however.

I've mentioned that internet marketing can be tough. Truth. In this particular niche of traffic exchanges, mailers, and network marketing that I broadcast my brand, I definitely see failure (or the writing on the wall) for way too many affiliates every day. Whether it be what, how, or why, the majority of promotions which I come across often limit themselves in potential because they lack something (I'm not exempt). Sharp calls to action, convert-able bait, sense of urgency, trust, branding. Any actual value in what's being offered. Something. Often, something's missing.

Yet I worry the most for some aspiring affiliates that have too much. Promotions or products packed – overloaded – with false hopes, promises destined not to deliver. After learning (read: failing) & growing myself, I can say with confidence now that a “list” packed with hype and pressuring for referrals – a list packed with potential broken promises – isn't my idea of a great business.

Building your own list lets you decide which promises are made – and kept.

Soon I will collaborate directly with many of you to do just that.

N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

The incentivized traffic niche of affiliate marketing in which we work is full of promises, most broken and few kept. No need for me to expand on that. Yet you (and I) as the ad viewer intuitively know that most of the boldest claims are false from the outset, and that the lesser are often exaggerated. People are smart, we're all smart, and we know going into this IM thing that the hype outweighs the reality. Over time, though, it's easy to be lured into more and more fringe models of making money online. Our patience and inhibitions wear down. This is especially true for many affiliates whose marketing endeavors have not yet yielded success.

Too many affiliates are promoting false promises, and they know it.

(That ends my negative tilt towards others. This blog is a sunny space, remember?)

Choosing to be a purveyor of false promise isn't a great way to build a brand, in my book, let's leave that at that. I am certainly guilty myself of it over the years, often choosing to promote “programs” that seemed “so good” and full of potential. Other times what seemed like growing, legit businesses folded without warning. Years since I started affiliate marketing, so many are so gone. My biggest regret in IM is that I waited as long as I did to take the leap into growing proper lists & building funnels based on value – rather than going all-in on the promises of someone else's business which I and other affiliates can't help but see with rose-colored glasses.

Contest Clue #4

Referral Contests and other promotions designed to spur growth for affiliate ad exchange owners are packed with promises – and potential peril. Beyond the positives of growth and prizes offered then (hopefully) paid, any contest also pits individual promoters against one another. The entirety of that owner's affiliate membership that participates is now out there, many trying to outshout the other for signups. This opens up a flank for the owner. Splashpage promos & advert promises left and right, all attributed – accurately or not – to the actual owner of the site offering up the contest. This can be risky business. For site owners, as membership and rewards rise, so too does the potential for someone to misrepresent your business.

Let's be real.

The traffic exchange (TE) industry – our industry – has Walls of Shame, after all.

Folks gaming to “beat the system” are gonna game, in a bad way. Always.

Life is this way.

Monetized List promotions and contests are designed from the outset to be incredibly dynamic. The formats, rewards, beneficiaries, and even software driving things will change often. Variety is the spice of life – and a great way to ensure the highest level of genuine growth and responsiveness with this List. Generalized, inbound promotions will provide incentives for individuals and/or website owners to recommend & refer others to this List. Outbound promotions will provide incentive for/to the (Monetized) List subscribers to go do something somewhere for myself or someone else. The entirety of all promotional processes will be transparent, insofar as ensuring that everyone is “in the know” and able to play from the same Rule Book.

Fun, Fair, Free. Promotions begin February 1st..

Think orange.

Get on the List.

Prepare to promote. -K

Speaking of promises…never mind, I got nothing this time.

The featured image (homepage) on this post is a new bit of kit.

Circles are cool. Have a great day 😉

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