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SEO is Not My Thing

I think I already mentioned that I'm not a real blogger, in my mind. If not, let's get that on the record. These days it seems every resource that “teaches” blogging reminds me of university classes. The not-as-fun parts. So much of it so same, until you get to the good stuff that you showed up for in the first place.

Well, my friends, welcome to Monetized List.

I'll be the first to admit that at times I have no idea what I'm doing with this website. Unsure about SEO? Yes, Chef. That's the best part. Learn something, do something, do it again yet better, be inspired to learn again. Rinse and repeat until you're soaked. Except – for me, at least – when it comes to some of those things like SEO (search-engine optimization) that seem to show up in every note, lecture, and class on my way to a degree in Blog Awesomeness.

Or maybe that's Awesome Blogness. Hmmm…

N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

This post earns the medal for being first in my new Fun & Games category. No idea if that hurts or helps SEO, not important here. Found in the primary (or post category) menu, this grouping of posts will include the most current and relevant content for our in-house promotions. It will also include discussion of my favorite promotions found elsewhere online.

Be sure to read the previous Updates to catch up on promotional news & clues.

Remember, watch the Fun & Games category for posts on in-house promotions.

Think orange.

Get on the List.

See you soon. -K

Speaking of games…are you checkers or chess? Maybe Monopoly, eh.

Our first Polls are coming soon.

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