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Your Landing Page is Offline

Internet Marketing can be tough. You create, craft, and begin promoting your new list with a brilliant landing page. Or maybe you've made the perfect splashpage for a favorite TE. Clicks are happening, subscribers and signups begin rolling in. Then – yep, you see this a mile away, I know – what feels like total disaster happens.

Suddenly your cool new landing page has ghosted.

And you just finished posting your link everywhere.

It will happen at some point to every affiliate. There's no magic emergency kit that solves for every outage, that's for sure. However there are a few easy steps anyone can take to ease the pain when it happens. An ounce of prevention, they say.

Disclosure: my own landing page went out today, thus the post. 😉

Managing your affiliate optin/funnel/campaign links with a tracker of some sort may be old hat to you already. If not, you can easily increase your ability to manage your promotions from a single point by using a single link you can redirect when needed – known as a tracking link or tracker.

Ad venues (viewers, ads posted) > tracking link > your landing page

If you're not already tracking, it's a pretty good skillset to acquire and improve upon as you grow your online presence. Although I use more than one bit of kit to manage links (more on that below), let's focus first on the HitsConnect service which is likely the most familiar to surfers.

Hits Connect

N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

Let's create single-point control in a few easy steps:

  • Signup at HitsConnect (super-quick, free account is cool)
  • Go to “My Campaigns” in your member area
  • Add your landing page link – the URL
  • Fill in a title you will recognize
  • Click and create


Instead of putting in your actual landing page URL when adding sites at traffic exchanges, use that nifty new tracking link instead. Later on, if your lander fails, you can simply edit your tracker in HitsConnect and change which site it “points” at, perhaps substituting an alternate offer or recommendation. Still a bit of legwork, but a huge first step if you're serious about growing your advertising reach while saving time with increased control. In my case earlier today, you may have seen this error page made specifically for opt-in lander outages. Neat, eh?

We'll get into rotators, series, split-testing and such soon.

Holler if you need help. -K

How do I manage my links? I use two primary tools which will be evident to you as the subscriber (I'm excluding some email tracking here for simplicity). PrettyLinks (I use Pro) is my link library behind the scenes, on-blog action tracker & more. The PL plugin also handles single-point attractive links like my Subscribe link you see all over. HitsConnect powers many of my global rotators, ad traffic source tracking, banner rotators, and series campaigns (my account is Pro there too). Lots more on those & email tracking as we continue.

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