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Let's get right to the point. You really should have an email marketing list if your goal is to make any significant amount of money online. I won't often pretend to know what's best for your business, however in this case I'll ask that you allow me this exception. It really is that important.

Affiliate list building – especially your first list – is scary. I know.

Figuring out which service to use, the tech, the content, the purpose, the format, the funnel, the finesse. The whole lot can be seriously intimidating. Of course, the latest IM product X, Y, or Z might not make it sound that way. The reality is, though, that most folks starting out in affiliate marketing will struggle to get that first list going in an efficient, successful, profitable manner.

If you have a list and you're crushing it – awesome.

If you don't, or you aren't – let's change that together.

I'm going to offer you my help from the start. To be fair, I'm certainly an expert on zero things. However, communication and collaboration are rumored to be super helpful, and that's a big part of why this blog was born. Communication. Beginning and continuing the conversations that answer some of the most basic – yet crucial – questions that hinder aspiring affiliates, especially in and around the Traffic Exchange and Listbuilder market.

Questions such as these can be showstoppers:

  • does my email marketing (autoresponder) service allow TE traffic?
  • what/why/how or could/should/would my list do this/that? (what?!)
  • what pages and emails make up a funnel?
  • single opt-in, double, does it matter?
  • what do I write about? promote? offer?
  • how do I get my list to grow my list for me?

And that's the short version of a pretty long, well, list.

(wordplay never gets old around here, btw)

Of course, those list building answers are out there.


N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

Over the years I've built lists with a variety of email marketing services – loved some, found less affection for others. For the core list of this project (the Monetized List), I'm committed to using what I feel is the most appropriate email marketing service for TE surfers. LeadsLeap provides their SendSteed email marketing to everyone, for free. If you hit roadblocks with your list, let's connect. This blog (and myself) will be here as a forum of sorts, connecting questions with answers, both learning and lending ideas. Ideally shared knowledge & experiences in a “lower hype zone” will provide both you and I opportunities to get better every day. Knowledge really is cool.

General post comments, specific questions, or directly contacting me are all options that are available, free, and totally cool. If I don't have the answer, maybe I can point you in the right direction to someone who does. Better yet, we'll both get lucky and someone who can school us both will be on the List and we'll all up our game together. Please don't lose a day between today and your goals if I can be of assistance.

If building a list is on your list, don't let setting it up slow you down.

Here to help on all things lists, traffic, and tech.

Although I am expert on none. 🙂 -K

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