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Coinpot & Moon Faucets Closing

The hugely popular family of crypto faucets anchored by MoonBitcoin is closing for good by the end of February (bummer!). After years of reliable earnings and payouts, the owners have announced their intent to move onto other projects. If you're a member of any or all of the Coinpot group, now is the time to consolidate and withdraw (you have a couple weeks).

According to the official news announcement, claims faucets will cease on January 31st, with the full functions of Coinpot ceasing 4 weeks thereafter. In addition to this news, they announcement also provided some insight into the future of the business.

Coinpot Closing Announcement

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I've posted an alert on the free Cash page of this blog, and will remove the related content and directory entries soon. If you've been my referral at any of the faucets listed below, thank you for the commissions all these years. You really do rock.

The full list of closures includes:

  • Coinpot (parent microwallet)
  • Moonbitcoin
  • MoonDoge
  • MoonDash
  • MoonCash
  • MoonLitecoin
  • BitFun
  • BonusBitcoin

Thanks for the memories! -K

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