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Looking Ahead to February

We're a couple of weeks into 2021 already – indeed. This blog is just beginning to get some attention as I roll things out (banners, anyone?), so updates are in order. You will likely soon find I often post “from the hip” and less from SEO-friendly templates, so this may seem quick. Here's what's working in the workshop the next couple of weeks:

Banners! If you powered your way here by clicking on my banners, then thanks for clicking on my face. Seriously. Fear not, I'll be relentless, so you'll see more shameless banners 'round the neighborhood with little pause.

Monetized List Banner

N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

That's awesome, I know, but there's more…

Menus! Less exciting for you than me, I reckon. However I think the top (pages) menu is settled. An important goal of mine this year is to share a wealth of readily available, practical, occasionally insightful, and generally helpful information about affiliate marketing. Organizing the framework into which that all will fit has been, um, work. The full content for training, welcome, and tour pages is on the way.

Subscribing! What, no list yet for subscribing? Correct – for like another day, or two. The “early” list will be a LeadsLeap construct, then we'll roll out some cool incentive-driven integrations with GetResponse not long after. It does say monetized on the tin, after all. 😉

Teamwork! That's you and I, my friend. And you, and you, over there. Us. This year I'm committed to connecting with enthusiastic IM folks. Sure, I'll promote some things right at you (Darren Olander's PMS will fit in there). In exchange, unique referral incentives, support, promotional pages and even full-on funnels for my (soon our) tribe have all made it past the challkboard. Hang tight, hang round eh.

Seriously – that's a long post in my book, btw.

I have no idea how real bloggers do it. -K

What's another word for shameless in your neighborhood?

(that's a shameless comment cue, btw)

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