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Lions, Tigers, Games, Oh My!

Franscisca Kruissink has definitely gone full-throttle with her new traffic exchanges Tiger Hits and Lion Hits. Traffic delivery and diversity are both up as a result (yay!). As a member of Hit2Hit (her original TE) for many years, I've been hanging out at the new sites for a couple months now. Growing fast, for sure, both now have a number of new games and rewards – including one in particular that I immediately love.

See all 3 of Franscisca's exchanges here

Games and rewards for Tigers and Lions now include:

  • HiddenPrize (more on this one below)
  • The Sorcerer game (new to me, seems cool)
  • TicTacToe
  • ViralTrafficGames every 20ish pages (sweet!)
  • Plus classics like Letter Hunt & Icon Collection
  • Referral & Surf Contests (cash incentives)

N.B. Affiliate links everywhere. Actions benefit me. ?

Of course, a group of three closely-related advertising sources likely means repeat views, so plan your campaigns accordingly (great for a HitsConnect cross-site sequence, but that's another post). Brand, brand, brand.

Speaking of branding, have you ever wondered who actually sees your ads? Not just totals, uniques, and IP addresses – but the actual humans you're trying to reach. That would be useful, right? Yes, techy-types like myself can dig pretty deep while tracking, but most folks surfing in TE land don't.

One alternative? My new favorite game Hidden Prize:

The screenshot above is from the game at LionHits while I was surfing today. In short, if you don't find the prize your Gravatar shows (that's me in the center). Cool, sure. But also notice that everyone else's shows, too, if they are surfing and playing along. If you've been around TE land a bit, you'll instantly recognize to whom you're advertising in many cases. If you're new, take note of the people and personas you see often. They are your future subscribers, members, buyers, and most importantly – real people with whom you can engage while building your business.

Food for thought.

More on some notable folks in the biz coming to ML soon!

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