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First Foray into Reusable Blocks

If you're into WordPress, you certainly know plenty about the (newish) Gutenberg Block Editor now prevalent on modern WP installs. This isn't a tech blog, per se, so I'll spare you that angle – but for surfers, it might be something to think about anew if you're running a WordPress blog of your own.

Reusable blocks make for a ton of splashpage potential.

In short, reusable blocks are chunks of content you can easily replicate across multiple pages. We've all seen this with ad blocks from major publishers for years, however it's taken nearly as many years for it to become almost seamless for the everyday blogger. In fairness, I'm a WP guy, and it's taken me a bit of time to become comfortable with blocks myself.

Basically, you can exercise single-point control for content sitewide.

Since I use my blog for splashpages, squeezepages, and other promotional campaigns, this comes in really handy. Not only can I create individual promotions for specific advertising venues, I can also then change the content on all of those pages in a couple of clicks.

Kinda like a digital billboard – everywhere.

I'll demonstrate a couple evolutions of this concept combined with HitsConnect rotators in future posts. In the meantime, keep an eye out for new banners and promotions from me that are coming online. Oh – here's one or two very similar pages you'll see around…the magic of the reusable blocks will be live before long. 😉

More on blocks, splashes, and links soon!

PS – featured post image (on Home page) is a sneak peak of new stuff

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