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An Informal Welcome

Well, it's “high time” (that's my Seattle humor) to post for real here on my new MonetizedList.com blog. Over the last few weeks some of you have seen my first-generation splashpages floating around in affiliate traffic land, however somehow this post feels like the real beginning of showtime for this blog.

Welcome to the Monetized List.

This website marks my return to taking online “work” seriously once again. In a year of lockdowns, pandemics, omg where are my sports, wild politics and more, it makes sense to take advantage of the free time (read: I was laid off in March like so many others). Of course, there's no trophy for waiting six months to find my mojo, however…

Here we are. Here we go.

I'll talk in more detail about the immediate and long-term plans around this website very, very soon. Much more than just a blog (or list, for that matter), the vision of MonetizedList.com is one I see through multiple lenses. Much of the content – including most incoming funnels – will focus on affiliate marketing in the “traffic exchange” and related community. Not pitch after pitch, mind you, but rather practical plans, resources, and observations that provide a point of engagement for you and I on our respective paths towards our respective successes.

Oh – and I'll talk a lot about plugins, this cool Sahifa theme, web design, and things like that.

(yes, I really geek out on WordPress sometimes)

Thank you again for sharing your time with me today.

Welcome to my website. 🙂


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